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Advantages with Covibro

The passion for carpentry, passed on from father to son, allowed the Covinos to set up a company specializing in the manufacturing and distribution of prefabricated walls, floor joists and roof trusses. These products represent a very attractive alternative to builders and self-builders.

Thanks to its expertise and forward thinking, Structures Covibro Inc. has managed to stand out and exceed expectations. In fact, this company offers a variety of products to clients already well-established in the metropolitan area. Whether its prefabricated walls, floor joists or roof trusses Structures Covibro Inc. remains sensitive to the needs and innovations in the industry.

The prefabricated formula permits for a faster service in erecting structures. It also allows for precision control and quality which is sustained during fabrication. The support of efficient computer software is obviously essential throughout production. Structures Covibro Inc. can therefore provide better estimates of project costs and, by extension, address constraints related to labour shortages. Thus, by choosing Structures Covibro Inc. you can reduce your costs if your project includes prefabricated walls, floor joists and roof trusses.

The unique process, established by the Covibro team improves prefabricated products and their installation on site. In addition, you benefit from the support of a competent technical team. They can, if necessary, change structural plans to reduce costs while respecting the National Building Code. You benefit from unparalleled service and prefabricated walls, floor joists and/or roof trusses of first quality.

By its extensive experience, Structures Covibro Inc. is a perfect partner for those who wish to launch a residential project. In fact, the company is able to build and erect a wooden structure based on the architectural and / or engineer plans provided by the client.

All Covibro products and services are available to you: prefabricated walls, floor joists and roof trusses, complementary materials to manufacturing and framing. This formula allows for significant savings in time and money, since the products, custom prepared and isolated in ideal conditions, is ready for installation and is directly delivered to the site so the frame may be erected by a certified APCHQ team.

Thus, you are able to accomplish your project via a single provider of structural materials and framing!